Hi friends, l'm Alice! The owner/maker behind Made by Adelaide. I started creating jewelry when I was 7. My Nana gifted me a jewelry making kit for Christmas & I never stopped learning. I graduated high school at 16 and had no clue what to do with my life since I couldn't go to college yet. So I just started selling my jewelry to local friends & family and that's how my business unofficially started.
I love getting lost in the art of creating jewelry & coming up with new designs. I particularly love working with gemstones because I'm fascinated with nature & all the beautiful things our planet creates.
I also love creating custom, sentimental jewelry. Rather it's an engraved handwriting necklace or a hand stamped piece with your favorite word, it's always an honor when someone chooses me to create a custom piece for
Thanks for stopping by & supporting my dream!

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