Adelaide Everlasting Jewelry

While appointments are not necessary, they do reserve your time slot.

Walk ins are available Wednesday-Sunday during normal business hours.

We are appointment only Monday & Tuesday 12pm-4pm.

Chains & Pricing

We only use 14k gold filled & sterling silver which are both high quality, hypoallergenic metals made to last.

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What if my jewelry breaks?

We offer free re-welds on all of our jewelry. If your jewelry breaks just make sure to keep it safe & you can walk in during normal business hours.

Will the jewelry flake off over time or tarnish?

No, we only use high quality metals that are meant to last.

Tarnishing, however, is possible if you come in contact with heavy chemicals such as a swimming pool or hot tub. If your jewelry does tarnish, it can easily be cleaned good as new with a polishing cloth.

Is it safe for airport security?

Yes! You will have no problem going through security with your jewelry.

What if I have surgery or an MRI?

You can simply cut your jewelry at the circle jump ring I used to weld it together.
Make sure to keep it safe & you can walk in during normal business hours to get it out back on for free.

What if my jewelry stretches over time?

We re-weld all of our own jewelry for free!

Can I bring in my jewelry from someone else to be welded back on?

Yes! We charge a $15 re-weld fee for any permanent jewelry that isn’t ours.
Disclaimer: In rare cases, some companies use a chain that is daintier than ours. Because of this, I may not be able to make a jump ring fit to re-weld.