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Faceted Green Strawberry Quartz Necklace

Faceted Green Strawberry Quartz Necklace

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This minimalistic necklace features one Faceted Green Strawberry Quartz on the chain of your choosing.


-Faceted Green Strawberry Quartz

-Due to the nature of gemstones, the color & pattern may vary. No two stones will be identical in size, shape or color.


-14K Gold Filled

-Sterling Silver


- Durable: At the core of gold fill is high quality jewelers’ brass which is then coated in at least 5% 14K gold that will never rub or flake off.

- Hypoallergenic: Because gold fill does not use any nickel it is hypoallergenic and a great affordable option for those sensitive to metals.

- Slow/non-tarnish: Gold in general is a great metal because it is extremely slow to tarnish and when it does it’s easily cleaned.

- Waterproof: you can wear your gold fill jewelry in the shower or ocean without worrying about it turning your skin green! As long as your jewelry never comes into contact with chemicals (like those put in pools) it will stay picture perfect.


- Sterling silver is about 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper, brass, or sometimes nickel.

- Allergenic: Sterling silver can sometimes have trace amounts of nickel and is not a good option if you are sensitive to certain metals like nickel.

- Tarnishes: Because sterling silver is an alloy it tends to tarnish. This means the silver will go from bright and shiny to a darker silver color. It will never rub off on your skin or turn it green. BUT, it can easily be cleaned with the polishing cloth that comes with your purchase to look good as new.

- Waterproof: Like gold fill sterling silver is waterproof and not harmed by fresh and usually saltwater. Always allow your jewelry to fully dry before putting it in an airtight container.

Although my jewelry is water proof, I do not recommend wearing it in situations wear it may accidentally break (showers, swimming, exercising, to sleep)

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